Monday, June 14, 2010


i have heard and read about these dessert treats, so i decided to order and taste some myself.

custaroons - a mixture of custard and macaroons.

i browsed through the website, found the contact number and ordered these cute desserts. i decided to have assorted bite-sized custaroons (original and cheese), and a tub of poppers (custaroon balls coated in chocolate).

i loved the treats, especially the cheese variant. i like them fresh out of the ref, but gigi told me that one could also toast the custaroons.

the chocolate poppers were also good, it was not too sweet which i like.

everyone to whom i shared these treats also found them very good.

The box of assorted bite-sized custaroons (30 pcs) costs Php 300.00; while the tub of poppers (22 pcs) costs Php 200.00

packaging was also very cute, which would make these treats a nice gift.

Gigi's Custaroons

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