Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

a night in kapitolyo

last friday, before going home to cavite from the office, Junjun and i decided to have dinner at slice and dice steakhouse at kapitolyo, pasig.

slice and dice offers steak at low prices. they also have baked tahong, sisig, calamares and other dishes.

junjun ordered the t-bone steak, and i had the steak a la pobre. both are priced at Php 99.00, plus Php 20.00 for the rice. we also had the red blend iced tea.

the steak served was huge, and is almost good for two persons. i also liked the gravy sauce that accompanied the steak. our total bill was around Php 300.00.

after dinner, we went to the back of the food complex for dave's yogurt.

i read about dave onstott's yogurt from anton's blog, and decided to check out the item. we got the chocolate hazelnut (premium - Php 80.00) and peach (classic - Php 70.00).

the chocolate hazelnut felt like you were eating ferrero rocher chocolates with a hint of sourness in the end. you could really feel the hazelnut bits as you eat through the yogurt. junjun liked the peach flavored more since the mild sweetness of the fruit complemented the tang of the yogurt.

we will go back to this someday to taste the other flavors, and try the yogurt cake. =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

frostings cupcakes

These past days, i have been craving for a carrot cake. Yesterday, when Junjun & i went to SM MoA to buy my new shoes, we decided to look around for a carrot cake.

What we stumbled upon is a cupcake shop named frostings.

The stall is located near the skating rink. They offered a wide variety of cupcakes which are categorized as regular, fruit, premium and extra premium.

We decided to get a carrot cupcake and a lava cupcake.

I liked their carrot cake. It was not too sweet, and you can really taste and see the shreded carrots in the cupcake. There were also huge chunks of walnuts inside the cupcake which gave it texture. The frosting was also a nice complement to the cake.

The lava cupcake was a chocolate cupcake with fudge in the middle. The chocolate cupcake was good since it was not too sweet. The fudge tasted like some liquor was added to it. I liked the frosting and the candy sprinkles in it.

The next time we stop by Mall of Asia, i will try out the other variants of their cupcakes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Around the Manadaluyong Circle

Since we have been renting an apartment in Boni, we have tried out several restos where we could find good food at cheap prices. Here are two of them.

Find #1 – R&J Bulalohan

From EDSA going to Mandaluyong City hall, just before you enter the circle, this resto is located near the Petron gas station. I have heard many comments about this resto and we decided to check it out.

As the name implies, they are famous for their bulalo, which is served either regular or special. They also have the bulalo steak. Aside from this, they also offer a variety of viands, meals and snacks.

We ordered a regular bulalo (Php 199.00), lechon kawali, rice and a pitcher of iced tea. The servers were efficient. You could also ask for extra “sabaw” whenever you have drained your bulalo of its soup. Our bill amounted to around Php 500.00.

The place is not airconditioned, but it is well ventilated. They are open 24 hours, and even accepts catering and delivery. Inside the store you could also find message from different stars/tv shows whom they have catered to like mixed nuts, rated k, and the buzz.

If your looking for something cheap, tasty and filling, then this is one place that you could go to.

Find #2 – Circle Garden Grill

This restaurant is located along the Mandaluyong City Hall circle. Near to it is the newly opened animal hospital.

The menu they offer is similar to what is in R&J. Here we ordered bulalito (a small serving of the bulalo), sizzling sisig, and chopseuy. We also ordered rice, and a 1.5 liter of softdrinks.

I liked their sisig, it was very tasty and is a little bit crunchy. The bulalito was ok, but I prefer the bulalo of R&J.

The restaurant is air-conditioned, but there is also a garden portion at the back of the resto. This I assume is for those who go out on gimmicks. The server was a little bit masungit, but she was efficient in providing us everything we need before we even ask for it.

Our bill was a little more than Php 600.00. I would go back to this place to try out other offerings and also for the sisig.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

jollibee vs. kfc

nobody, nobody but you! *clap, clap*

Sunday, October 04, 2009

hong kong adventure - day 3

september 24 - we are tireless. today, we are going to visit ocean park hong kong.

after a train ride, we took the bus which will stop at our next destination, ocean park. like in disneyland, we had our tickets purchased through our hostel, so we did not have to line up.

since we did not had the time to eat breakfast, we decided to eat brunch first before roaming the park. we went to the panda cafe, where we met lele, the panda mascot. we had lots of pictures with the panda, and then ate our brunch of steamed chicken, roast pork and roasted duck.

after having our fill, we went to the location of asia's animals. we saw alligators, red fox (it is a bear), and a real life panda bear. unfortunately, the panda was sleeping. we also got to see various breeds of goldfish.

ocean park was huge. to get to the upper part of the park, we had to ride cable cars.

we also got to watch a show at the ocean theater which featured dolphins and seals. the animals were great at their tricks, and it is amazing how well they work with their trainors.

we entered a jellyfish sanctuary where we saw different species of jellyfish. it was nice since the jellyfish changed their color with the lights.

the rides at ocean park were more thrilling. we rode the raging river, space wheel, flying swing, the dragon, and the abyss.

after ocean park, we went to the ladies' market at mong kok (where the acid throwing incident happened). there we shopped for various souvenirs and pasalubongs. after walking around, we ate at a japanese restaurant. my niece ordered ramen, and to our surprise, it had a naruto! =)

end of day 3.

day four was spent going to harbour city mall, where we got royce chocolates and some stuff. then some shopping again, until we checked out of the hotel.

we rode the train to kowloon, where we rode the airport express. at this station, you could already check in your baggages, unfortunately for cebu pacific, we were only allowed to check in our bags at the airport itself.

our hong kong adventure was a great experience. i want to come back sometime in the future. i wonder to what asian country should we go next? =)

hong kong adventure - day 2

september 23 - today is my birthday, and i am going to spend it in hong kong disneyland!

after having breakfast and all our morning rituals, we left the hostel to travel to lantau island where disneyland was located. after two train interchanges, we arrived at sunny bay, where we would ride a disney themed train which will bring us to disneyland.

after a few minutes, we arrived at disneyland! since we already got our tickets beforehand, there was no need to queue for tickets, and we headed straight to the entrance.

we got our maps, copy of the show schedule, and then stopped by the city hall. there, i told one of the staff, that it was my birthday, and he gave me a disney pin (with minnie mouse in it) saying that it is my birthday today. i pinned it in the strap of my bag, and most of the staff who noticed the pin, wished me me a happy birthday. we also had an oppurtunity to have our photos taken with mickey and minnie mouse.

after the picture taking, we had lunch, and then proceeded to the "lion king festival" show. it was a short play narrating the story of how simba became the king of pride rock. the show was amazing... the performers and the effects. we really enjoyed it.

after the show, we all went into the demon jungle, one of the halloween offerings of the park. it was a little bit scary, but fortunately, we made it out. =)

the next show that we watched was "the golden mickeys" which was a parody of the golden globes. there were performances given my the disney characters based on categories such as friendship, heroism, and romance.

after the show, we tried the "it's a small world" ride. it features dolls representing different locations, and singing the it's a small world song in their native language. of course, we waited for the Filipino dolls. they were two Filipinas accompanied by a tarsier.

we also rode the "winnie the pooh adventures" ride, which is a storybook ride through the "it's a blustery day" story of winnie the pooh and his friends.

at 3pm, we found our place outside, where the disney parad would pass by. we were in the front lines, and we were able to see all of the characters on the parade.

cinderalla even greeted me a happy birthday since she saw the badge in my bag. =)

other rides we tried out were the space mountain (we rode this twice), buzz lightyear astro blasters (where we had to shoot emperor zorg's minions), stitch adventure (this was fun since we were able to interact with stitch who was on the screen. we also rode the electric cars (sponsored by honda) wherein i got to drive.

at around 5pm, we gathered in front of cinderella's cousin to watch "high school musical live" where most of the cast were filipinos. my niece and i were even called to stage when they asked for volunteers to dance with them to the tune of... we're all in this together. it was our five seconds of fame.

next in line was disney's philharmagic. it was a 4d theater where we got to experience what was happening on the film we were watching which was on 3d. we got to smell the pie and the champagne, get wet with water and feel the wind rushing past us.

since disney was already celebrating halloween, there was a glow in the dark parade at night which was headed by jack skellington and the characters from "a nightmare before christmas." also in the parade were various villains like jafar and maleficent. but of course in the end, there is mickey mouse and the gang wearing their halloween costumes.

to cap off our disney advenyncrture, we watched the fireworks display at cinderella's castle. it was wonderful to behold. the fireworks were synchronied with the music, and there was even a story to it.

i enjoyed celebrating my birthday at disneyland together with my family. i think i have made closure to my childhood because of this. =)

end of day 2.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

hong kong adventure - day 1

september 22 - at around 4am, we left cavite to go to NAIA terminal 3 for our flight to HKG. There was a little drizzle, but we arrived at the airport on time.

we checked in to our flight, paid the philippine travel tax (Php 1620.00), ate a little at the food court, paid the terminal fee (Php 750.00), went to immigration. at the last checkpoint before the gates, the people checking our passports, sang "happy birthday" for me.

the flight to HKG was uneventful; there was the on-board game of bring me, some turbulence, and after around 2 hours, we landed at Chek Lap Kok airport. this airport is huge! after disembarking from the plane, getting maps, we had to ride a train to the other terminal where the immigration and our luggages are.

interview at immigration went well, got our luggages, and went to exchange some of our US dollars to local currency. tip: do not exchange a large amount of your money at airport forex, their rates are low. just exchange enough money for your transportation to the hotel, and hotel deposit if needed.

after buying our octopus card, we rode the A21 bus which will take us to our hostel located at tsim sha tsui. we had a little difficulty finding our bus stop, but we made it to mirador mansion in nathan road.

we stayed at usa hostel. the hostel was a good catch since it was located at the center of kowloon where a lot of stores and establishments are. the hostel also provided the basic ammenities that one needs, and it even offered discounted tickets for disneyland and ocean park.

we checked in to our rooms, had lunch, and started our travels around hong kong. our first stop was at Victoria Peak. from Central, we took the Peak Tram which will transport us to The Peak. at the top, there are a lot of shops. also located there was the wax museum and the sky terrace. we entered the sky terrace where you can see a bird's eyeview of hong kong and all its skyscrapers.

our next stop was at the avenue of stars. this is hong kong's homage to its stars. you can see various hand prints of movie stars, and a status of bruce lee. we were supposed to take the star ferry cruise for the symphony of lights, but unfortunately tickets have been sold out. we watched this show from the harbour, which was equally nice. the show featured a synchronized show of lights and sounds at the hong kong skyline.

after walking back to nathan road, we had our dinner in one of the chinese restaurants, went back to our hostel, cleaned up, and went to bed.

end of day 1.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August Celebration, Encore – Fling

After our lunch in Buon Giorno, we decided to try the newly opened frozen yogurt shop in cliff house. It’s name… Fling.

According to their flyer: Fling only uses fresh yogurt that’s made from a local farm unlike others who use processed, powdered stuff. So not only are you getting something yummier and healthier, you’re also helping local farmers.

Most of the fruit toppings are also sourced locally. Toppings vary from fruits, chocolate sauce, mango sauce, cookies, granola, etc

Toppings: dango balls, homemade apple pie filling, lite chocolate sauce, lite mango sauce, tagaytay pineapple, kiwi, mango, banana

Toppings: Cranberry Muesli, Almond Granola, Blueberry Cereal, Apple Cinnamon Squares, Chocolate Creams, Almonds

What I ordered was a casual-sized yogurt with mango sauce and kiwi. The yogurt was smooth and creamy. The mango sauce was not too sweet which was good, and the kiwi provided an additional tang.

The combination of the toppings I got was nice, and I really liked it. Although, it was a little pricey. It was Php 85.00 for the yogurt, and additional Php 25.00 for each of the topping. My total bill was at Php 135.00

Cliff House Tagaytay
Maharlika East Tagaytay City

August Celebration, Part 3 – Buon Giorno

Our lunch on August 21 was at Buon Giorno in Tagaytay. Since it a holiday, the place was packed with people, and if you did not have a reservation and you had a big group, you had to wait for a while before you would be able to be seated

This is our 3rd time eating here. For today we ordered lasagne al forno and san prieto con basilica (cream dory). For our drinks, we had green iced tea and iced tea. Of course, there was the bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip which was served right after you have settled down.

Bread and balsamic vinegar dip

Lasagne al Forno (Php 280.00)

San Prieto con Basilico (Php 470.00)

Iced Tea (Php 84.00)

Green Iced Tea (Php 84.00)

The fish was very juicy and tender, it was also very flavorful. It had sidings of potatoes and steamed vegetables.

The lasagna was very rich and savory. It was the perfect blend of ragu, sauce, pasta andt cheese.

It is always a treat eating at Buon Giorno, and I am looking forward to the next time we will be eating here.

If you are planning to dine here, it is better to make reservations, especially during weekends and holidays. You can also opt to use the opium bed outside, which will give you a view of the tall volcano.

Buon Giorno Café and Bistro
Cliff House Tagaytay
Maharlika East Tagaytay City
(046) 483-2102